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We are living in a fast paced era, where the cafe culture explosion has led to coffee becoming all about speed and less about the actual experience of the beverage itself.

We, at BCC aim to help you reproduce that perfect brew , in the comfort of your own home, where you can actually sit back and enjoy your beverage. 

While most people drink coffee to wake up, we wake up "to drink coffee".
Growing up in the bustling city of Bombay( now Mumbai) , this almost ritualistic coffee preparation was everything to us, from waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee to bringing the family together in the kitchen . Our best conversations took place around that kitchen counter while we prepared our morning cup.
Our work has taken us around the world and we have been in Ireland for the past 3 years. Wherever we have been, that coffee experience has always been a constant for us, almost nostalgic of our roots.
Every time we have friends over, we always brew them a fresh cup of coffee, tinkering and playing around with different roasts and brewing methods each time. We have always had amazing feedback about how the coffee was much nicer than the ones in a cafe, and they could actually see the whole process as we brewed in the kitchen, right from the grind to the foamy hot deliciousness in the cup.
We really felt that everyone deserves to drink a delicious cup of coffee at home. Thats how “The Bombay Coffee Company” was born.
Our goal is to help you make a delicious cup of coffee every time.
Our coffees are hand roasted in Ireland to highlight the original characteristics of the bean and carefully shipped to your doorstep.
Going back to our roots in Bombay, coffee was always consumed with milk which meant our coffees needed to have a deep full-bodied mouthfeel to showcase true flavour of the bean.
The medium roast profile of our beans ensures that you get a well-balanced cup that has a smooth full-bodied mouth feel with low acidity.
So that’s it!! Let us help you in your quest for the best cup of coffee, from the comfort of your home!